About MCS Watersports

The beginning of my journey started around three years ago, when one of my now good friends, Brian, asked me to join him on a paddle down the River Weaver in Cheshire.

That first paddle had me absolutely hooked, my enthusiasm about paddle boarding must have captured the interest of others as we soon started to get more and more people wanting to get involved.

Due to this, Mid Cheshire SUP (MCS) was born and the club soon started attracting members and other local clubs to join in our fun. We are happy to provide a fun, light heartened and sociable atmosphere for all likeminded individuals with the same love of paddle boarding.

This year I completed my ASI paddle boarding instructor’s course with Central SUP who are quite simply “amazing”. From this both Brian and I started providing detailed instruction and taster sessions for those wanting to learn. Our aim, to promote this incredible sport via social media on our club Facebook page.

Due to my love and commitment of the sport, I wanted to help paddlers by giving expert and honest advice about equipment which would best suit their needs at an unbeaten price. Sharing my experiences with others is key to delivering an excellent service.