Gul Windward CZ 5mm boot review

Here is the second part of Last weekends review on the 5mm Gul Viper and CZ Windward boots.

wet boot
Gul wet boot windward CZ by MCSup watersports
wet boot
Gul wet boot windward CZ by MCSup watersports

When I opened the box containing these boots I was met with a slightly more structured boot than the Viper, The Viper certainley had the quality but the construction was completely different. Where the Viper was a neoprene body with the soft rubber panels placed around the support areas this was a boot mostly made from that support with neoprene in the areas needed to flex around the ankle.

These boots were seemingly wider across the width of the foot with a honey comb pattern on the upper and a grey and red coloured rubber section wrapping the boot. The Boot had a side zip to allow ease of entry and a really nice velcro strap to give that support and allow a snug fit around the lower leg. The sole on the boot was larger than the viper with a zig zag tread, the whole boot felt sturdy and had lined inner which felt really soft.

The windward was a totally different fitting boot to the Viper and would lend itself nicely to people with a wider foot, the toe section had very slight moulded sections around the toes to give room at the end of the boot. As I slid the boots on I could feel the quality of the zip which felt substantial and reassuringly robust to put up with being worn for several hours at a time. As in my previous reviews i mentioned that I am a size 8 in most shoes and this certainly was true to size. I had enough room in the boot to feel secure but enough width and length for the boots not to cause me any discomfort in the hours that I was wearing them. The Windward were a cracking set of boots with a large amount of feel through the sole as i changed stance along my trip.

Another great boot from gut with no massive leaks and after being in the water the extra space in the boot did not hold water but was able to drain leaving my feet comfortable and warm. The Velcro was always in place and reliable as was the zip nice and strong and stayed closed through out the testing that I gave them which had been a frustration with my last pair of boots.

For the Mid price range on this boots and the quality on offer I am unsure how these boots can not be on anyone’s short list if your in the market for some 5mm boots. These boots with the rubber body seem that they will have the longevity to just keep giving and would last with what ever you used them for.

These boots are up there with my top 5 and at that price point I am happy to give an MCS rating of:
4 out of 5 stars.