Smoothly paddle the waters with this feather light floatable paddle. We designed this paddle with a comfortable T-grip, fiberglass shaft. Unlike most paddles, a Jobe paddle is 100% constructed out of serious fiberglass. Jobe's fiberglass paddle is three-piece adjustable - with a pin-hole click and go adjustment - making it easy to carry with you or store in a (SUP)bag. Its fiberglass blade allows you to make adjustments on the fly with minimum fuss and maximum flexibility.

Jobe fibre glass 3 piece paddle (teal)


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Length: 180 to 220cm 3pc. Blade width: 8 inch/20.32 cm Weight: 780g Blade surface: 91 in2 Blade angle: 9 Fiberglass blade Clip with lever to adjust fast and easy Fiberglass shaft with excellent flex/weight ratio Comfortable fiberglass T-grip